God created earth and left it with us to take care of. We, his children, then made all attempts to spoil it and make it look ugly. But he never complains. It is we, who should realise that beauty of this earth is in keeping it as it was created originally.

A curios traveller, a nature lover, a hiker, a vivid trekker, a hobby cyclist, a basket ball player, an explorer, maybe thats how someone can describe me. Travelling gives me immense pleasure that nothing else can give. My hunger for exploring new places is never satisfied. And with this urge, I always find time from my busy schedule to go to new places, meet people, interact with them, know their lifestyle and each time learn something new.

A software engineer by profession, I have always craved for creating interest amongst people to love their own neighbourhood instead of going on a hunt of places outside their country. There is much beauty within India, which only needs to be nurtured and cared for. We have virgin beaches, untouched mountain peaks, clearest and cleanest rivers and lakes, scary deep valleys and the most lovable people in every corner of this country. But that offcourse doesn’t mean that you should not travel around the world. Should you get a chance, you should grab  it :).

Being a Maharashtrian, I have been to more places within my vicinity but I have toured to other states and each place is beautiful within itself. This website is my attempt to help others see how beautiful India is and how beautiful the world is!!!